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Просят срочно прислать стихи современного русского поэта, посвященные теме года, объявленной ООН: "Борьба против рабства".
Письмо отправлено одновременно мне и главному редактору журнала "Арион" Алексею Алехину.

Dear Friends,

On the occasion of World Poetry Day 2004 the Italian National Commission for UNESCO has developed a project called
"Poetical Babel".
Our aim is to create a website where we can gather poetic texts coming from all the member States of UNESCO.
We think the Net can become an extraordinary tool for the exchange, communication and knowledge of contemporary
For this reason we have turned to your journal and to the other specialised publications which appear on the UNESCO
website with the following proposals:

1) Send us a poem recently published in your country which, in your opinion, can best represent its contemporary
poetic production. The poem should be related to the UN year's theme dedicated to Struggle against Slavery.

2) Whenever possible, send also a translation of this text in one of the official languages of UNESCO.

3) Send us a short file on the author and his/her production.

4) Send us any other information which can be of interest to publishers and which can help readers to learn something
more on the poetry written and read in your country.

We remain at your disposal for any further information.

Best regards,

Mario Vecchione
Michele Gialdroni

Commissione Nazionale Italiana per l'UNESCO
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