Dmitry Kuz'min (Дмитрий Кузьмин, стало быть) (dkuzmin) wrote,
Dmitry Kuz'min (Дмитрий Кузьмин, стало быть)

Я вернулся после недельного отсутствия — и обнаружил в почтовом ящике вот что:

(в pendant к предыдущему)

Dear Sir,
I am Oyeleye Damilola,a Nigerian by Birth,20,Law Undergraduate in the University of Ilorin ,Nigeria
I have been so instilled with the Art of Poetry right from childhood,this zeal even presently when i am in the University has made me to Form a Club ''YOUTH AND POETRY
CLUB''It is noteworthy that you seems to be restricted to United state,but in an attempt to Lift Nigerians and the Art community as a Body in the Third world Nation,Poetry or Art has
encountered so many Questions ranging from ...
1.Some Nigerians think Poetry is for the Artiste-and that an attempt to take it to the ordinary people,is engaging in Trivialities and Frivolities.
2.Nigerians also Lack reading Habit,even Africa ,as a continent,They care to read about Politics and Economic Development only,thereby taking Art for granted.
3.The Lack of People to expose them to this Art of poetry,Professional or Non-govermental Organization(N.G.O) to make the Art interesting to my fellow Country men.
Concluively,I Oyeleye Damilola,as a True citizen of the country and a young and promising poet,as to the extent of making the Art of Poetry Grow even in this Third World Country has
encouraged himself without any form of inconsistency to have a Youth Organization which was Founded shortly,in order to Lift the dieing spirit of Poetry and Art in General.
I am emploring you ,in order to fulfil the U.N Charter ,which is the development and Progress of Third world Nation,to be a Mother Organization to our young and able Poet.
We will be very Proud if in an Effort to Promote Poetry and Art as a Body can be our Mother Organization ,thereby we will incorporate ourselves with you.
Thanks in Advance for a Favourable response.

Here are some of my poems

Romantic rhyme

Like a palm tree,i am Old
but like a moon in the day,ain't Bold
a picture my mind wishes to Hold
around your beautiful body i want to Fold
admit a night so Cold

Your beauty worthsmore than Gold
a fact that can never be Sold
you are a treasure tale Untold
a status others wish they could Mold

Our beautiful bodies let us Cuddle
at least to an extent let us Fondle
let me kill the burning Candle
so that our intimacy we can Double

My Love for you is arrantly Aggressive
thus,all it takes i will Give
to inspire my lively love to Live
and to impose on you a profound Relieve
A sacrifice so hard to Believe
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